Circular saw Model Astra 500  for woodworking. Tilting blade group from 0° to 45.5 ° entirely of cast iron and very deep for optimum extraction of sawdust. Running on linear guides and ball bearing slides, large and specific for dusty environments. High wheelbase bearing / shaft blade for accuracy and vibration on the circular saw. Electric lifting angle and fully waterproof, permanently lubricated and maintenance-free. Quick-installation of the saw blade. Poly V belts oversized to ensure the transmission of high power in time. Viewer turns and digital inclination. Machine available in 4 versions:

Astra 500 basic version with motorized movement of the blade
Astra 500 5 CNC Posit  with even motorized parallel fence
Astra 500 5 CNC QCP with even Hanging control panel
Astra 500 6 full vesion CNC with Touch Screen



  • Carriage legth: 2600-3200-3800-4300-5000 mm.
  • Carro width  400 mm.
  • Main blade diam. 300-500 mm.
  • Optional main blade diam.550 mm. without scoring unit
  • Main shaft diam. 30 mm.
  • N.3 speeds: 3000-4200-5000 r/min.
  • Tilting 0-45,5°
  • Height of cut 175mm with blade diam.500 ( 200 mm with blade diam.550 optional )
  • Standard motor main saw Kw 4 ( Hp 5,5 )
  • Optional Kw 5,5-7,5-9,2-11 ,3 speeds
  • Optional Kw 5,5-7,5 with inverter 2500-5000 turns
  • Possibility to use the scoring blade even with the main blade of 400 mm mounted.
  • Scoring unit ( Optional)
  • Scoring 8500 r/min.
  • Scoring blade diam.120 mm.
  • Scoring shaft diam.20 mm.
  • Motorised scoring unit with electrical movements , motor Kw 0,75 ( Hp 1 )


6 axes controlles

Possibility to memorize more than 200 programs

display on each stops.

ideal for cutting big panels

for the machining of materials that tend to melt during cutting (plastic materials, aluminum profiles, etc).

with digital display +- 46°.

Pneumatic with digital display for fence 1100-1300-1500 mm

with width adjustment

With this system, the operator can always check with the utmost ease the advance of the panel cut without having to bend.

Ideal for sawmills .Cutting height 200 mm

With the laser is displayed the cutting line.
With this system there is a considerable saving of material

When the scoring blade is moving the light comes on to warn the operator.
optional safety system.

Height of cut 0-90 mm

Practical and strong.
Ideal for cutting big panels

Variable speed with inverter.
The operator can select the speed by pressing the keys with pre-set speed, or enter himself a speed using the numeric keyboard, pressing first the box above with the number of turns written in red

working height 0-90 mm with radio controller

for additional support

Carriage with different lengths: 2200-2600-3200(standard)-3800-4300-5000 mm

Working height 0-210 mm.

for cutting thin plastic material or wood veneering .

Ideal for  shipping by sea


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