TS810 – TS630

Thicknesser Planer Model  TS 810-630. Modern machine, safe and easy to use, with touch-screen supplied standard to manage all work functions. Exceptional driving performance of work pieces, thanks to the rubber rollers with large diameter and the  suspension of the rollers with torsion bars. High maximum thickness of extraction: 12 mm. Automatic reduction of the  feed rate of the workpiece, if the planer shaft motor exceeds the maximum available power. Machine with compact size to save space in carpentry. Machine ALL MADE IN ITALY


  • 5″ colour touch screen
  • Positioning of the automatic worktop with touch or manual controls
  • Automatic return to the initial position
  • Feed rate from  4 to 25 Mt/min.
  • Diagnostics of the machine directly on the touch screen
  • Thicknesser of work from 3 to 300 mm
  • Maximum thickness of material removal 12 mm
  • Minimum workpiece length :285 mm
  • Motore standard  Kw 5.5 ( Hp 7,5 )
  • Optional Kw 7,5-9,5
  • Revolutions of planer shaft rotation : 5000 r/min.
  • Suction connection with a diameter of 160 mm
  • Machine weight 1000 kg.


SPIR- Spiral shaft
Available 810-630 mm
PRESS- adjustable rollers pressure
Adjustable rollers drive pressure, ideal for soft wood processing
PTS Table extension
Back table extension standard length 1000 mm Synchronized automatic lifting ( on request special length 2500 o 4000 mm )
TER Monoblock
Tersa shaft monoblock
RUL Rollers on the table
worktop with two idler rollers on the table height-adjustable ( only TS 630)
SEZ Sectional roller
ideal for heavy works.
RAG for special wood
ribbed rubber front roller, to fine wood .
PLAS Plastic panels
Special equipment for processing of plastics, both for large removals that for thin materials



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